Want to take your product to the next level? Take it to the app!

Want to take your product to the next level? Take it to the app!

“Point Alliance was a pleasure to work with. Their professional team was knowledgeable, quick, and responsive to our requests. They understood our business needs and were able to provide us with exactly the right solution we were looking for. The new tool they helped develop will enable us to showcase our solutions to meet customer demands.”

Steven Nofziger

Senior Manager, Corporate Marketing, TouchCommerce

TouchCommerce is a leading innovator in omni-channel engagement solutions to optimize results. Driven to help their clients actively engage high potential customers, TouchCommerce offers a range of products and solutions designed to deliver the ultimate customer experience.

Among the Touch Commerce suite of products is the ever-popular TouchChat, a customer engagement tool in the form of live chat, targeted to reduce online abandonment. In order to expand TouchChat's existing capabilities as a sales conversion and customer experience tool, TouchCommerce knew they needed to expand TouchChat's abilities beyond its online use. Point Alliance worked with TouchCommerce to bring the powerful capabilities of TouchChat to life in a mobile app.

The experienced mobile development team at Point Alliance successfully worked with the tool's dynamic technology to build an in-app user interface and chat component to mirror TouchChat's online application. The ability for clients to connect with their customers through contextual engagement, whether it be answering product inquiries, troubleshooting issues, or sending targeted content can now be accessible through any mobile app. By re-implementing TouchChat's online features to the mobile app, TouchCommerce is now able to offer a seamless revenue generating product to its clients in line with today's omni-channel buying behavior.