Security Incident Tracking

Standardize the collection and analysis of security incident data.

The system assists security personnel in determining what information to collect and record as they create standard incident reports. It also prompts them on critical actions that must be taken.

When a report is first created and an incident type (and possibly sub-type) is selected the system then displays any critical actions associated with that incident type. This assists security staff in following the same standard procedures for the incident type they have selected.

The system also displays the data fields that are normally completed for the selected incident type. Some of these fields will be mandatory and others are optional recognizing that some data can not always be collected at that time. After a report is completed it goes through a configurable approval process to ensure that the necessary individuals have reviewed and approved the report.

Reports can then be run against the data to perform analysis and trending.

These reports include:

  • Incidents by location
  • Incidents by person
  • Incidents by date
  • Incidents by incident type
  • etc.