Manage your website with a solution as flexible as your business!

Manage your website with a solution as flexible as your business!

“The Launch Pad for Web product has been a very good platform for us to start from so that we could efficiently build and implement a highly customized Content Management Solution specifically to meet our business needs. The intuitive design allowed us to easily get access to the product and integrate additional datasets and external systems into the content management solution.”

Jim Leeper

IT Manager, Faculty of Medicine , University of New South Wales

The University of New South Wales (UNSW)–School of Medicine needed to give their web site a fresh new look and feel. In doing so, they also wanted to replace the home grown content management system they were using for their current sites. They required a new solution to minimize the amount of work in migrating and integrating their existing content and to use as a template to update additional sites and deliver services via the web.

Point Alliance provided UNSW with flexible website using Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) which allowed the school to grow their website according to their business needs. Since the launch of the main School of Medicine web site, additional sites have been coming on line at a rate of one per month. There are currently 5 sites that are using the system with 6 site administrators and more than 30 page editors.

Here are some of the key components of the solution provided to UNSW:
• Flexible menu navigation
- UNSW is now able to extend the solution to different departments to roll out additional web sites by leveraging the new solution architecture.
• Content migration
- UNSW now able to seamlessly migrate their existing data to the new content environment with minimal effort.
• Content maintenance
- LP4W’s intuitive design and simplified content publishing process now enables UNSW to easily maintain their online content for all of their related sites in a quick and efficient manner.