Learn how an organization was able to enhance its compliance management AND decision making- all with a single tool!

Learn how an organization was able to enhance its compliance management AND decision making- all with a single tool!

Point Alliance did an excellent job in providing us with a comprehensive solution that directly met our needs. LCMS has significantly improved our compliance processes by not only creating a more quality-efficient and organized approach, but also by its ability to yield important insight for our business. The flexibility of LCMS, not to mention its user-friendly design makes it a critical tool for us to achieve compliance goals in all levels of our business.

Effie Bekas

Manager, Regulatory Compliance, Transamerica Life Canada

For Transamerica Life Canada, ensuring that their organization met legislative guidelines and compliance requirements was critical to its operations. As such, the organization was looking to shift its existing manual compliance process to a new streamlined process that would enable the company to manage the compliance process with a more efficient approach.

Point Alliance leveraged the capabilities of the Legislative Compliance Management System (LCMS) to overcome Transamerica’s challenges with their current legislative compliance and regulatory risk process. LCMS provided Transamerica with a comprehensive solution that will allow the organization to manage and administer all compliance related requirements in an organized and efficient manner.

Transamerica incorporated the LCMS solution into their organization as the primary tool to meet their regulatory compliance and self assessments requirements. By using LCMS, Transamerica is able to benefit from the following capabilities:

• Streamlined Processes Ability to access and manage compliance requirements and risk assessments in a single, automated system.
• Improved efficiency Organized management and execution process ensures tasks are completed in a timely manner.
• Content importing Compliance information imported from multiple data sources into LCMS ensures the completeness of the process.
• Insightful knowledge Flexibility to share compliance details and produce meaningful reports to management creates better awareness and allows for more informed decisions to be made.