Learn how a company utilized a new website to launch re-branding efforts!

Learn how a company utilized a new website to launch re-branding efforts!

"Having worked with Point Alliance in the past, we knew we could rely on them to build us a fabulous website. The real "wow" factor came when we realized how simple Launch Pad for Web was to use, and the reliable support Point Alliance provided throughout the project. The consultant we worked with was incredibly patient, insightful and knowledgeable. We are very pleased with our experience and the ongoing support we receive. We have built a great relationship with Point Alliance."

Amy Hogan

Marketing Coordinator, PKF Hill Chartered Accountants

As part of a re-branding effort, PKF Hill needed to give their website a fresh look and feel to support the firm’s new image. In order to maintain the large amount of information PKF Hill hosts online, they not only required an intuitive website that allowed for easy navigation, but also the ability to post and organize a large quantity of information. Improved navigation and keyword search were essential to PKF Hill to ensure their clients could locate important information.

Point Alliance worked with PKF Hill to create a new website that showcases a fresh look and feel that is consistent with the client’s re-branding effort. By using Launch Pad for Web, PKF Hill can now easily manage their large breadth of online content in an organized and efficient manner. Tasks such as updating content and changing images can now be administered quickly and effortlessly, reducing the amount of time and resources required to maintain their website. PKF Hill’s new website now benefits from search engine optimization capabilities, access to weekly web reports and a supportive, patient and knowledgeable team.

Here are some of the key components of the solution provided to PKF Hill:
• Content management
- LP4W’s content taxonomy capabilities allowed PKF Hill to effectively handle the large quantity of material PKF Hill offered online. LP4W’s functionality ensures that PKF Hill can now update, post, and manage online content with ease. In addition, LP4W’s intuitive design will also allow PKF Hill to easily incorporate any changes to support re-branding efforts in the future.
• Web visitor tracking
- LP4W’s hosting service provides access to a weekly web report that highlights key information and statistics related to their website activity. This service along with LP4W’s activity dashboard allows PKF Hill to gauge the flow of traffic and effectiveness of specific pages.
• Content sharing
- It was important for PKF Hill to have their website content available to be easily accessed and shared with others. LP4W allowed features to be implemented on the website that encouraged the flow of information. Such features include key word searches and the ability to bookmark, print or e-mail website information.