Learn how a company dramatically reduced the response time of their website!

Learn how a company dramatically reduced the response time of their website!

“Point Alliance made our migration painless. The simplicity of Launch Pad for Web has enabled us to push out content management of our web site to our business users. We were very impressed with Point Alliance’s planning and execution of this project and were extremely happy with the end result.”

Mario Kovacevic

CIO, Americas & Group Marketing Director, Canada, DTZ Barnicke

Point Alliance worked with DTZ Barnicke to revitalize its online presence with a new website design in addition to centralizing the web content using Point Alliance’s Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) product.

The website now showcases a fresh look and feel consistent throughout the site, and offers easy navigation for employees, real estate brokers and the general public. Existing content from the old legacy system was seamlessly migrated over using Launch Pad for Web (LP4W) and can now be maintained by administrative staff in various regional offices, reducing time and costs associated with regular maintenance. Users are also quickly able to locate the appropriate information online, such as properties for lease or sale in various offices, as well as reviewing DTZ Barnicke corporate information.

Here are some of the key components of the solution provided to DTZ Barnicke:
• Improved cost efficiencies
- Greatly reduced time and cost involved in addition to future cost savings associated with the easy management and maintenance of web content.
• Decentralized content management
- Decentralized management of the web content.
- Administrative staff are easily able to maintain property information, such as units available for lease or sale.
• Migration of existing content
- Using LP4W allowed Point Alliance to easily migrate DTZ Barnicke’s existing information and content from their legacy system to the new solution. Content managers and users can now access both new and existing material with ease.
• Ease of use
- With LP4W’s user-friendly interface, DTZ Barnicke is now able to assign the task of content management to employees with minimal technical skills. This made individual offices and departments responsible for maintaining their own content and ensured that the most accurate information was available online in a timely manner.