Intermec Inc. (NYSE:IN) develops, manufactures and integrates the most sophisticated tools for the fully coordinated supply chain. Our core technologies include RFID (radio frequency identification), mobile computing and data collection systems, bar code printers and label media. Intermec products and services are used by the leading companies of diverse industries worldwide to improve the productivity, quality and responsiveness of their business operations-—because investments in Intermec technology go straight to the bottom line.

Headquartered in Everett, WA, USA, the company is perhaps best known as the inventor of the world's most widely used bar code symbology and for its 154+ patents critical to the development and use of RFID technology.

Intermec patents and innovations also include such familiar devices as the "Smart Battery" technology now common in portable electronics such as camcorders, laptops, and handheld computers; the first computerized cash register; some of the world’s most widely used bar code symbologies; the first pen-based handheld computer running Microsoft Windows 3.1; and even the sort of wireless Personal Area Network that Bluetooth is now based on.

Recent Intermec developments include the first fuel-cell powered mobile computer and the first MEMS-based (micro-electromechanical systems) laser scanning system (see below for more). Fuel cells and MEMS are anticipated to be the future bases of battery and scanning technologies, respectively. And in 2006, Intermec achieved another breakthrough in the development of laser-scan engines—the EX25 scan engine—the first imager to read 1D and 2D bar codes at ranges of 6 inches to 50 feet.