Agility CMS

Better productivity, less risk with our cloud CMS platform

Agility CMS is a cloud-based content management system that specializes in advertising-driven websites and advertising campaigns. It has been in development by Agility Inc. since 2004.

Agility Inc. was founded in Toronto Canada in 2002 as Edentity Consulting. The company was renamed Edentity Web Systems in 2005 and renamed again to Agility Inc. in 2010.

Content API
The Agility Content REST API allows you to publish content to your website, mobile apps, social media pages, digital signage, or other digital channels.

ASP.NET Web Forms or MVC
Agility can be used to manage a website built in ASP.NET. It supports both Web Forms and MVC.

Browser Based
Agility is 100% Web based which means there is no hardware or software to install. All you need is an internet connection and a Web browser.

Rich Text Editing
Agility allows you to edit content without having to learn HTML. If you know how to use a word processor, you can edit content with Agility.

Manage content across multiple channels
Agility allows you to build the page structure for your site and define page settings like title, keywords, description and URL.

Define and manage custom content structures
Content in Agility is completely customizable. You choose the fields that you need for your specific content structure and Agility automatically builds the form to capture that content.

Staging and Published Modes
The latest copy of your content is available in staging to be previewed in your site or app before it is published and goes live.

Publishing Workflow
Agility allows you to set up the publishing workflow that makes sense for your business. Contributors and Editors add and edit content, approvers review and approve content and publishers publish pages. Agility generates tasks to streamline the publishing process.

Flexible Security
Agility makes it easy to customize the security on your content. Security settings are easy to change at any time.

Content Scheduling
Agility allows you to define the period of time that content is available. Simply set the 'Release date' and 'Pull date' of content so that it is only available on your site in the time frame that is valid for that particular content.

HTML Validation
Content editors can validate their HTML content right in the editor to make sure that it conforms to the latest Web standards. This will improve the search engine optimization of your site.

Digital Asset Management
Documents of any file type can be uploaded to the global Documents store which is accessible from any content on the site. A Zip archive of files can be uploaded and extracted, maintaining the same folder structure as the archive

Content Tagging

A master list of tags can be created and assigned to content. The tags are available through the API so that you can define the behavior of tagged content in your site or app.

Regionalize your site across multiple languages
Agility Digital Content can have multiple languages. Setting up a new language can be done in a few clicks and languages can be added at any time without having to rebuild your site. Your site can have a different set of pages for each language. Translators can easily flip between specific content sections in each language to rapidly translate content directly in the system. Content is copied from English to the language you are translating to for easy reference.

If you have a large site that needs to be translated into multiple languages, we will export the content from any language, provide it to the translators for translation, and then import the content back into Agility. Within minutes, your translated content will populate the site.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Agility is built with SEO in mind. Agility pages have human-readable URLs and are generated with a small amount of code. This ensures that your pages will be indexed quickly and often. Agility allows you to add Meta keywords and descriptions to every page of your site and makes content optimization fast and easy. HTML can be validated right in the editor to make sure that it is compliant with the latest standards.

Web Analytics
Agility supports all major analytics packages including Google Analytics, Omniture, WebTrends, and ClickTracks. You can add a general analytics script to all pages, or tune your results by adding specific scripts to a specific page.

Caching and Performance Tuning
Agility brings an industry leading level of performance to your Web site. The proprietary Agility caching technology extends the caching technology in ASP.NET to provide blazing fast performance on any size of site with any traffic load. Agility also supports load balanced configurations for your Web site.

Cascading Style Sheet Management
Manage the styles for your site by editing the site style sheet. Styles are replicated in the WYSIWYG editor for content editors to make use of.

E-commerce Ready
Compatible with major e-commerce platforms including PayPal, Moneris, Oracle iStore, OrderMotion, OrderDynamics, ATG and more.

Manage multiple accounts from a single login
Agility allows you to switch between multiple accounts quickly and easily.